italy report
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Casinetto is a homegrown business that started with a mission to transform the UAE’s culinary scene bringing rich, fresh Mediterranean flavours from all around the world. Being Italian farmers themselves, they understand the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and fresh local produce.

Whether it is exquisite blue cheeses, fresh tomatoes from Sicily or truffles from Umbria, Casinetto’s mission is to provide their customers with authentic real food. They work with local fishermen and farmers, with artisan producers and craftsmen and women from around the world.

Maybe you’ve already tasted their products? For years, Casinetto have proudly worked with some of the UAE’s most loved restaurants, whose chefs count on their ingredients to bring their menus to life. Now you can bring these vibrant flavours to your kitchen, too.

Casinetto never compromises on the quality and taste of natural food that has been crafted lovingly.

Order online at and choose from thousands of delicious authentic Italian and Mediterranean products today.