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Talk to a career coach about how to get ahead in that gruelling race to the top rung of the corporate ladder and most often than not, they will either stump you with innumerable jargon or give you advice, tips and suggestions that imply it’s a scary jungle out there, where only the fittest and the most fearless survives, and there is no place for trust and mutual respect. In plainspeak, there is no room for compassion in this race to the top.

That is how Nature rolls, and that is how you shall roll too, they will point out to you.

So there is no denying that stereotypically the corporate world can be quite overwhelming. And this man-eat-man approach might be true for some for whom success has been a very insular journey as they have had to battle their inner demons and circumstantial adversities on their own to come out victorious. But quite often it is also true that success is a result of a nurturing environment where positive mentoring plays a vital role in growth.

And that is what stands out for me in Anand Raj OK’s interview with motivational speaker Sreedhar Bevara. An inspiring story himself, Sreedhar clawed his way up using education and most importantly, a can-do attitude as tools to take him ahead. Sharing his pointers on what makes a great leader, Sreedhar says appreciation and grace make for strong components. That ability to listen, guide and offer constructive feedback not only helps in creating a fertile work environment that allows for all-round growth, but helps to mould confident professionals, raring to add value to the organisation.

Sreedhar should be a parenting coach as well, I feel. Let me know what you think...

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