Adele at the 59th Grammy Awards in February 2017. Adele reportedly told a fan in January this year she had lost 100lb Image Credit: Shutterstock

In January this year, Adele was photographed on a beach in Anguilla where she allegedly told a fan, who later told an American magazine, she had lost 100lb. She could have lost a further 1-2 stone, since.

How’s she done it?

It’s been suggested she’s worked with Harley Street hypnotherapist, Susan Hepburn, whom she visited in 2014 to help her quit smoking. During £295-a-time sessions, Hepburn begins with a client’s weight ‘storyline’: “I go into your brain and find out what’s making you eat all this food, and I delete those defective files under hypnosis.” She also tells clients to keep a food and emotion diary on what feelings trigger overeating. Adele has also reportedly been attending reformer Pilates classes, with her friend Ayda Field, wife of Robbie Williams.

“It [reformer Pilates] creates a strong foundation for weight loss,” says Gaby Noble, owner of Exhale Pilates in London, who trains in the technique. Noble says while Pilates alone won’t lead to weight loss, it targets smaller muscles to create a long, lean and toned look. “I imagine Adele is doing cardio work alongside it,” she says.

Is she really eating 1,000 calories a day?

In January, Adele’s former personal trainer, Camila Goodis, speculated on the Lorraine show that The Sirtfood Diet was behind Adele’s weight loss. “I believe that she’s now into working out more, but 90 per cent of what she did was diet,” said Goodis. “It’s pretty intense, this diet, they do a lot of green juice and only eat 1,000 calories a day.”

Wearing a black minidress, Adele shared a rare photo of herself on Instagram in celebration of her 32nd birthday. There singer has been creating a buzz with her weight-loss journey Image Credit: @Adele Instagram

The Sirtfood Diet involves a list of approved ‘Sirtfoods’, which include kale, strawberries, dark chocolate (minimum 85 per cent cocoa), turmeric, walnuts and the herb lovage, which are believed to activate sirtuins, a group of proteins that have been found to reduce inflammation and said to improve metabolism.

Why does her face look so different?

Dr David Jack, a Harley Street aesthetic doctor, says ‘mini facelifts’ – that involve less tucking and tightening than regular ones – are very popular among clients, post-weight loss, but given Adele’s age, it’s more likely she had non-invasive treatments to avoid what he calls ‘diet face’. “You’d expect to see more sagging around her jawline with this much weight loss, but her jaw appears well defined, which would indicate work, such as filler, Botox, and a skin-tightening laser treatment.”

“Even without the weight loss, her hair and make-up was so low key I didn’t recognise her at first,’ says Annabel Jones, the Telegraph’s beauty-editor-at-large. “This type of make-under is not unusual for someone who has lost a lot of weight as we often shed our make-up and hair armoury as we shed body fat. I recall Oprah Winfrey speaking about how she would overcompensate for her weight with bigger hair and brighter make-up.”

Has she had surgery?

“It’s hard to say because she’s covered the areas that show the telltale signs of extreme weight loss, like loose skin on the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, elbows and inner thighs,” says Dr Galyna Selezneva from the Rita Rakus Clinic, who specialises in body-shaping treatments. “However, the area just above her knees show no sign of loose skin, so either she’s blessed with amazing skin tone or had a skin tightening treatment, like EmSculpt.”

Will her voice change?

After Vasili Karpiak, an opera singer, lost weight he found his voice changed. “The voice does change,” he says. “You get a different space for the sound frequencies that are created as a result of the vocal cords if there is less space for the vibration process.”

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