Watch video: Ditch the dairy! Creamy avocado chocolate mousse in 10 minutes

Watch video: Ditch the dairy! Creamy avocado chocolate mousse in 10 minutes

Gluten-free recipe that fulfils chocolate cravings

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Veganuary is about to end, so let’s bid it farewell with a super dessert made with a superfood - everyone’s favourite avocados. As you all know, we dipped into the world of vegan desserts to commemorate those opting for a vegan lifestyle this January. Hence, I wanted to share another vegan dessert with avocados that is not only extremely easy to prepare but is very healthy and nutrient-rich.

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Chocolate avocado mousse is ideal for a gluten-free and low-carb diet, and you can even make it sugar-free by using the correct sugar alternatives. One would worry about the flavour of avocados in a dessert, but somehow, the creaminess of avocados works in the favour of making the mousse creamy. Along with that, the flavour of the avocados gets masked by the flavour of the chocolate, giving you a healthy dessert that will delight your tastebuds.

Avocado mousse recipe

This recipe, as you would have guessed, uses avocado as a base instead of eggs or cream. It calls for cocoa powder to give it a chocolate flavour; however, you can easily substitute it with melted chocolate for a richer and more chocolatey final product. When all the ingredients are blended in the mixer, it makes it slightly airy, which helps it give a mousse-like texture when it is allowed to set.

Step-by-step recipe guide

Preparation time - 10 minutes

Setting time - 3 to 4 hours

Serving - 2


1 ripe avocado

20 gms sweetened cocoa powder

50 ml non-dairy milk

1 tbsp custard powder

1-2 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Sliced strawberries for garnish


Take a ripe avocado and cut it in half. Remove the seed and scoop the flesh with a knife or a spoon.

Place the flesh in a bowl and add sweetened cocoa powder, non-dairy milk, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.

Blend all the ingredients using a high-powered hand blender or stand mixer until the mixture is creamy and smooth.

Blending it for at least 10 minutes is essential, so it becomes slightly airy.

Transfer the mixture to a glass or bowl of your choice and let it set in the fridge for a few hours. Once it is set, garnish it with some sliced strawberries and serve it cold.


1. Make sure your avocados are fully ripe for a smoother, creamier mousse.

2. You can substitute unsweetened cocoa powder for sweetened cocoa powder. Adjust the amount of brown sugar to suit your desired level of sweetness.

3. You can use any other sweetener, like maple syrup or agave syrup, instead of brown sugar. You need to reduce the amount of milk accordingly.

4. You can make the mousse richer with melted chocolate. In such a case, you can reduce the amount of cocoa powder to half and add 30 grams of melted chocolate instead.

5. You can garnish it with any nuts, chocolate shavings, or other fruits of your choice. You can even serve the mousse with a dollop of non-dairy whipped cream.

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