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How FreshtoHome ensures the safety of its customers Image Credit: Supplied

Dear valued customer, your safety is of utmost importance to us, and as a homegrown brand we understand your concern about yourself, your family and the community. We would therefore like to share with you a few precautionary measures we have been practicing in our daily operations:

Sanitised facilities

We own and operate all our facilities ourselves, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. We have further introduced disinfection processes and rigorous sanitation of all locations. Furthermore, our factories are now locked down for non-occupational staff and trade visitors. Office and factory staff demonstrating air-travel history in the past 14 days have been quarantined.

Sanitised factory operations

All gates have thermal infrared temperature detection kits to check the temperature of every staff member before shifts. If flu-like symptoms are reported, the concerned staff member is placed on quarantine for a 14-day period and returns only after having a clean-fitness certificate.

Safe procurement and packaging

Food packaging including our vacuum packing and handling is in line with best-in-class industry safety standards.

Sanitised fleet operations

Our fleet vehicles are diffused with disinfectant twice daily. The factory, shop floor and worktables are disinfected by vacuum diffused disinfectant.

Improved awareness drive

We have been championing a mass campaign on safety among our staff and their families and our neighbourhood.

Fresh to Home is constantly monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will keep you updated as we receive more information from the UAE Government and health authorities.

Our processing centres are shut for all non-essential visitors. All others are subject to health screening and visitors transiting through domestic or international airports have to demonstrate 14 days of soft quarantine before they enter our premises

We are following multiple safety & hygiene checks, including using a Thermal Infra-red Temperature Detection kit at the gates to check the temperature of every person before every shift.

All our facilities including processing centres and corporate headquarters are provided with sanitizers and hand wash facilities at all entry and exit points, and lavatories.

Any entry for our staff is only allowed with proper factory apparel that protects them and the premises end-to-end, including gloves, masks and bodysuits.

Our delivery executives are already well versed on personal hygiene practices as part of our health norms to ensure food safety. But considering the COVID-19 situation, we have placed great emphasis on hand hygiene. They have also been provided with personal hand sanitizers and face masks.

Across our entire staff, anyone with symptoms even remotely associated with fever or flu are advised to get medical help at the earliest, barred from our premises and given a paid holiday. We also provide a work from home option to whomever feasible.

We also conduct regular training programs by Healthcare specialists and also Train the Trainer Programs.

Transport Vehicles entering our facilities are disinfected at all entry points.

Most Importantly, the food we source and especially the packaging (Squeeze Vacuum Packing), goes through intense scrutiny, certification and microbiology tests. It’s important that you buy only from certified sources at this time.

To all our customers and employees, we’d like to say that we are all in this together. Let’s stay positive, listen to the experts, practice precaution and this too shall pass. We are here to support you and if you have any questions on the safety practices followed at, we urge you to write to us at to know more.

Our foremost priority at all times is to keep our customers, employees, delivery executives, vendors and the society at large, safe and healthy. This becomes even more important in light of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic by the WHO.

It’s important to understand that COVID-19 is not a food borne virus and it doesn’t spread via Poultry or other Meats. We would like to share with you a few precautionary measures we have been practicing in our daily operations.