Prep 10 m
Cook 15m
2 to 3


    For the buns:

    200 gms plain flour 

    1 tsp sugar 

    1 tsp active dry yeast 

    20 ml water 

    10 ml soya milk 

    1 tsp white vinegar or rice vinegar 


    For the stuffing:

    1 avocado

    1 tsp lime juice

    Drizzle of olive oil

    1 tomato (peeled and chopped)

     4 to 5 sprigs of cilantro

    Chopped spring onions

    Salt to taste

    Pepper to taste

    1 mango

    1 tsp sweet chili sauce (store bought)

    Black pepper to taste

    Zest of half a lemon

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Making the bao buns:

1. Mix the flour with the dry ingredients - yeast and sugar.

2. Add the wet ingredients - milk, vinegar, salt, and sunflower oil.

3. Mix into a dough for 10 minutes using a wooden spoon.

4. Let the dough rise for 2 hours in a bowl.

5. Roll the dough and cut into pieces of 3 cm each.

6. Flatten and create an oval shape of 3 mm thickness.

7. Let rise again for one and a half hours.

8. Steam the buns for about 10 minutes.

Making the stuffing:

1. Peel the avocado, add lime juice, olive oil, fresh peeled tomatoes, coriander, chopped spring onions, salt and pepper.

2. Peel the mango, brunoise it, add lime juice, sweet chilli sauce, black pepper, cilantro, and lemon zest to it.

3. Open the bao buns, add the avocado mixture, and top with the spiced mango. Serve.

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