Prep 1 h
Cook 35m


    1 x 1.5 kgs whole chicken

    350 gms stewing lamb, cubed

    2 l or 8 cups water

    1 tsp salt

    75 gms butter

    100 gms white onions, chopped

    2 tbsp garlic, crushed

    1 tbsp salt for garlic

    ½ tsp ground coriander

    2 tbsp lemon juice

    1 bunch fresh green coriander leaves, chopped

    500g molokhia

    Red onion accompaniment:

    100 gms red onions, chopped

    125 ml or ¼  cup red vinegar

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1. To cook the chicken and lamb stew: put the chicken and stewing lamb in a large pot. Cover with water and one teaspoon salt and bring it to the boil, then let it cook on a gentle simmer until well-cooked and the meat is soft.

2. In the meantime, in a separate pot, heat some of the butter, add the white onions and fry until brown. Crush the garlic with some salt. Then add the crushed garlic, add the ground coriander to the onions and stir-fry on low heat for five minutes.

3. When the chicken is cooked, lift it out of the stock, cut it into 4-6 pieces and remove the skin. Place the chicken in the pot with the onions. Also add the lamb to the pot. Strain the stock and keep for cooking the molokhia.

4. To cook the molokhia stew, wash and dry the molokhia, then chop and set aside. Bring the strained stock back to the boil in a separate pot and reduce to half.

5. When reduced, add half stock to the meat and onion pot and let it simmer gently for 10 minutes, then remove and keep warm.

6. To the remaining half in the pot, add the lemon juice and reduce to a gentle simmer, then add the chopped coriander and the molokhia. Season it with salt and pepper and cook for five minutes.

7. Meanwhile, mix the red onion and vinegar together, season with salt and pepper and serve in a separate bowl as an accompaniment.

8. To serve, top the chicken and lamb stew with molokhia stew and serve with buttered rice, toasted pittas and red onion accompaniment.

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