Prep 30 m
Cook 40m


    4 large potatoes, peeled and boiled

    2 cups chickpea lentils

    2 bunches of spinach

    8 green chillies, finely chopped

    5cm ginger, peeled and finely chopped

    1 cup coriander leaves, finely chopped

    3 tbsp raisins

    1 tbsp ground coriander powder

    2 tsp dried fennel leaves (kasturi methi)

    2 tsp ground garam masala powder

    10 cashew nuts, roughly chopped

    150gm butter

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Boil the potatoes and chickpea lentils in separate pots until soft. When cooked, drain them and mash them separately and then mix them together to blend well in a roughly textured mash.

2. While the pots are boiling, wash the spinach and place it directly into a non-stick pan with no additional water and cook it or 'sweat it' until just cooked. Remove it from the pan and drain it. Wring out the excess water and then chop finely. Add it to the potato and chickpea lentil mash.

3. Add all the remaining ingredients and mix them into the potato and chickpea lentil mash, except the butter. Shape the mash into round flattened balls or kebabs.

Tip: Wash your hands and keep them wet to prevent the mash from sticking to them while shaping the kebabs.

4. To serve, heat a non-stick fry pan or tawa and shallow fry the cutlets in the butter until crisp and golden brown on both sides. Remove them and leave them on a paper towel to drain the excess butter. Serve hot and they are superb when served with mint chutney, lemon wedges, onion slices and tomato wedges.

Tip: Save calories by substituting the butter for a few drops of olive oil and fry them in a non-stick pan.

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