100 gms deveined duck liver

    2 gms salt

    1 gms pepper

    2 gms pink salt

    20 gms raspberry powder


    For the poached pear

    2 conference pears (peeled)

    500 ml black currant juice

    100 gms honey

    100 ml white balsamic vinegar


    For the black currant coulis:

    100 gms black currant

    50 gms sugar

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Ingredient Substitution Guide


1. Season the duck liver with the spices. Let it marinate for two hours.

2. Place it in a sous vide bag (vacuum-sealed bag)

3. Cook it in a steam oven at 75°Celsius for 25 minutes.

4. Let it cool, drain the fat and roll into small tube.

5. Roll each tube into the raspberry powder.

6. For the poached pear: Bring the black currant juice, honey, and vinegar to a boil. Let the pear simmer into the liquid until tender.

7. For the black currant coulis: Mix the sugar and the berries in a pan and let it simmer until fully cooked. Blend it until smooth.

Plate together and serve.

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