Did somebody say 'Paratha'?

Did somebody say 'Paratha'?

Here are 7 of our must-try Paratha recipes, and how you can make them

The only time you can avoid being calorie conscious is when you are devouring a Paratha (flatbreads)... Image Credit: Shutterstock

The key to happiness is simple – eat a paratha. Yes, you read that right. Parathas (unleavened flatbreads) are common to South-Asia, and is known for its crispy and glazed texture (and of course, flavour). Parathas come in various forms – stuffed, plain, and even in non-vegetarian avatars.

Feeling hungry yet? If you are, try out these easy and delicious paratha recipes:

1. Lachedaar Paratha

Lachedaar, or flaky, paratha
A popular Pakistani-dish, the crispy brown Lachedaar or flaky paratha, can be made in two forms – plain or stuffed (with potatoes). This glossy flatbread works best in the mornings with a cup of chai (tea), or any gravy or pickle – if you're looking to spice things up a little bit.

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2. Egg Paratha

Egg paratha
Don't have the time to make an egg roll? Make an egg paratha instead. If you're wondering what the difference is, it's just that the egg paratha has an egg stuffing, whereas an egg roll requires you to make the paratha and the egg separately

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3. Keema Paratha

Keema paratha
A true delight for every meat-lover out there... the Keema paratha is an array of rich flavours, and is served with a tangy dip Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

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4. Vegetable stuffed Paratha with Mint Chutney

Vegetable stuffed paratha with mint chutney
Perfect for breakfast, this paratha tastes best with mint chutney. All it takes is a mix of few vegetables (carrots, beans and onions), and a few spices to enhance the flavour

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5. Laccha Paratha

Clay oven bread (Lacha Paratha)
This 8-ingredient paratha tastes as good as it looks. This paratha hails from India's North West Frontier, and is flaky and light. Tastes well when plain, or stuffed with meat/vegetables Image Credit: Shutterstock

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6. Minty Corn Paratha

Minty Corn and Vegetable Parathas (Makai Pudina our Tarkari Parathe)
This paratha is "a-maize-ing", if we could describe it. Made mainly from corn and a medley of vegetables, this paratha is every vegetarian's delight Image Credit: Shutterstock

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7. Arayees Paratha

Arayees Paratha
This paratha features stuffed minced lamb and was made by Thoufeeq Zakaria – Sous Chef, Taj, Dubai. The UAE-inspired bread is a tribute to the Indo-Emirati food culture.

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