The Falcon and the Winter Solider Episode 6
The Falcon and the Winter Solider Episode 6 Image Credit: Disney+

While fans are not done rejoicing over their first Black Captain America, critics are singing a different tune when it comes to the finale episode of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.

According to Rotten tomatoes, the review-aggregator website, the sixth and final episode of ‘TFATWS’ had a 57 per cent approval rating, whereas episodes one, two, three, four and five had a rating of 93 per cent, 100 per cent, 85 per cent, 90 per cent and 100 per cent, respectively.

A vocal section of social media believes that the low rating may be due to racism and that people may not be ready to see a Black Captain America (played by Anthony Mackie) yet.

Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and Winter Solider
Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and Winter Solider Image Credit: Disney+

“Who reviewed it? A bunch of angry “people” that want @ChrisEvans back? Or just people that don’t want a Black Captain America who speaks about being Black man flying around in a star spangly outfit. I don’t care how low the rotten tomatoes rating is,” tweeted one user.

“Literally so confused as to how the reviews could be so bad for this episode without racism playing at least a little part in it. Like, the episode is on par with everything else and pays off everything the rest of the show set up,” wrote another fan.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Image Credit: Disney+

Some viewers, however, defended the rating citing pacing issues. “It’s because it felt rushed. Instead of finishing everything else in another episode it was all jam packed into one 50 minute episode. THAT’S why. They could’ve easily afforded another episode,” tweeted one user.

Another use tweeted, “There was way too much jumping around and at times it was pretty hard to follow. I loved Sam’s whole arc/suit, especially at the end w Isaiah, but the rest was not super great. Felt like they needed a LOT more time on this.”

‘The Falcon and the WInter Soldier’ is available to stream on OSN in the UAE.