Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon faced a setback after several employees filed a report, stating that he was creating a toxic workplace. Since then, several people from his crew have come out in his defence, calling him a man of great character.

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ star was accused of creating ‘a toxic workplace environment’ due to his many mood swings, which gave people panic attacks as they feared either getting a pay cut, loud scoldings or even getting fired at a moment’s notice.

Some of the producers have since then called the report ‘bogus’, and have praised Jimmy as a “supportive” and “collaborative” leader who makes many of them feel like ‘family’, according to Page Six.

“From the day I walked in, I felt as if everybody was very energised and excited about creating a very positive workplace, especially Jimmy, and I work closely with him”, a staffer, who’s been working with Jimmy for two years,  said.

The staffer noted that he is with the comedian, 48, on a “daily basis” and has had to “deliver bad news” or “disagree” with him, but still thinks very highly of him.

Another staffer said: “The Jimmy that I have seen, walks the halls and talks to everybody. He has never belittled anyone. I’ve never seen him snap at anyone. The celebrities come and he’s nice to everybody. He knows every crew member.”

“I have seen him stick to his guns but (give) respect to other people who disagree with him,” the producer said of Fallon who, he claimed, was also open to “changing his mind” if someone else offered a difference of opinion.

“I cannot say enough good things about him, about how he is an empathetic person, how he hears other people’s opinions and how he’s open to being flexible,” the anonymous person added.

Fallon had earlier issued an earnest apology, calling the report ‘embarrassing’ and saying that it was all a misunderstanding.