Dwayne Johnson’s pecs lead the way in a funned-up reboot of the jiggling-swimsuit TV series, all about those hardworking LA lifeguards.

Beatriz at Dinner

Mike White and Miguel Arteta have serious pedigree (Chuck & Buck/Good Girl) and this is their new collaboration: health worker Salma Hayek meets smarmy high-net-worther John Lithgow in a life-changing encounter.

The Discovery

This sounds unclassifiably mad: set in a world where the afterlife has been verified, Jason Segel falls in love with Rooney Mara while millions of people kill themselves. Funny weird, we’re guessing.

The House

A married couple lose their kid’s college fund, so naturally set up a casino in their basement. Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler star, need we say more?

Lost in London

Woody Harrelson’s directorial debut, inspired by his real-life night in the cells in 2002. To add to the excitement: he’ll screen the whole thing live, as it’s being shot.

Rock That Body

This looks like it could be a female version of Very Bad Things: a bachelorette party goes very wrong when the male stripper turns up dead. Scarlett Johansson leads the line;Ghostbusters’ Kate McKinnon and Fantastic Beasts’ Zoe Kravitz are among the buddies.


Director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody have reunited with their Young Adult star Charlize Theron; she plays a mother who bonds with a night nanny called Tully. May not sound immediately riveting, but these are classy filmmakers, so should be good.


Daniel “Ghost World” Clowes’ graphic novel about a blunt-speaking misanthrope gets the film treatment, with Woody Harrelson in the title role, and Laura Dern as his estranged wife. Expect Clowes’ trademark bittersweet wit.

Yeh Din Ka Kissa

Despite its Hindi title (translating as The Story of the Day) this is a very New York-y yarn from Noah Baumbach, with a very Baumbach cast: Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Adam Sandler. Looks great.