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Emirati sci-film ‘Aerials’ is now streaming on subscription service Netflix.

The 2016 film, widely considered to be the first sci-fi feature length from the UAE, premiered four years ago.

‘Aerials’ follows a couple who wake up to find that aliens have shut down Dubai. Power is shut off and cars come to a standstill. The couple, stuck at home, must face a new reality. Dubai-based director SA Zaidi, who created ‘Aerials’ with Ghanem Ghubash, describes ‘Aerials’ as an “experminetal attempt at the sci-fi genre”.

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“I feel ‘Aerials’ releasing on Netflix at a time when cinemas are closed worldwide will help us reach a much larger audience both internationally and within the region,” Zaidi told Gulf News.

‘Aerials’ stars Sagar Al Yasery as the lead actor and veteran Emirati actor Mansoor AlFeeli in a supporting role.

In an interview ahead of the film’s release in 2016, Zaidi told Gulf News: “You keep seeing it in Hollywood films. That scene of the spaceship over New York or Los Angeles or London. People are bored of it… I have always wanted to give people a new visual perspective, a new iconic image.”

Zaidi is currently working in collaboration with Ghubash on a new sci-fi horror film, which the pair have spent two-and-a-half years writing together.