190516 black mirror
Miley Cyrus in ‘Black Mirror’. Image Credit: Supplied

Details of the new series of Black Mirror have been announced — and ‘Fleabag’fans will be thrilled.

The fifth outing of Charlie Brooker’s award-winning future dystopia will star Andrew Scott, the priest and love interest from the second and final series of ‘Fleabag’. The trailer, released May 15, shows him playing a character incensed by a society that is perilously hooked on technology, who ends up going on a rampage that culminates in a shoot-out with police.

Miley Cyrus will also star as a purple-wigged pop star of the future in an episode seemingly about fandom and the Alexa of tomorrow — a doll who also wears a purple wig, and who is described as ‘a poison’ infiltrating a young woman’s home.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ star Anthony Mackie will star in the third new episode, about a man deeply unsatisfied with his domestic set-up and seeking an outlet in tech.

‘Black Mirror’ will return on Netflix on 5 June.