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Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Ever been curious about how some of Dubai’s fanciest and most expensive properties get bought and sold?

A new BBC reality TV series called ‘Dubai Hustle’ is set to satisfy the curiosity of audiences as they showcase the stories of real estate brokers and how they work in a fast-paced city.

According to a statement, the two-part show follows a “group of 20-something real estate brokers from across the UK as they try to earn the big bucks in this playground for the super-rich. With exclusive access to one of the busiest high-end, Brit-owned property agencies in the city [haus & haus], this sun-soaked series will follow the young agents’ fortunes as they navigate their way through this cutthroat and highly competitive world.”

The first part releases on May 23 on BBC Three and iPlayer, and the second part will air later this year.

“The stakes are high for these plucky Brits: if they don’t land the deal, then a broker from a rival company will,” the statement added. “But if they work hard, hustle hard, and have a bit of luck on their side, there’s big money to be made and a lifestyle they could only dream of.”

UK production company Multistory Media has been working with haus & haus on ‘Dubai Hustle’ since March 2021.

James Perry, Managing Director of haus & haus said: “This is aspirational television for young people. We hope it inspires others to widen their ideas about what they are capable of; there are so many great opportunities out there.”