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Quest Arabiya, the Arabic language factual entertainment channel, has announced a partnership with BBC studios, which will see the channel produce and air localised version of the BBC’s shows.

The collaboration will begin with the show Dabbir Aklek, an Arabic version of the action-adventure cooking competition No Kitchen Required. The show, which premieres on October 28, will see five regional chefs learn to cook in the wilderness. The chefs — Khaled Aref and Badr Fayez from Saudi Arabia, Emirati chef Saud Al Matroosh, Kuwaiti Adla Al Serhan and Wisam Masoud from Egypt — will be dropped into remote areas in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Romania and Jordan.

Once there, they must work with the locals to hunt and collect ingredients to create a traditional meal using tribal cooking methods. Their meals will ultimately be judged by the local tribe and one will be crowned the winner.

Dabbir Aklek is the best evidence of our efforts in Quest Arabiya to provide innovative and striking content to the Arab audience,” said Khalid Khouri, the general manager of Quest Arabiya. “We are confident that the local version of No Kitchen Required will reach the same level of success as the original, especially with the growing interest in foreign adventures and activities among Arab viewers.”