Murphy’s Law plays a central role in 'The Play That Goes Wrong'. Image Credit: Instagram/@satyen17

Putting up a play requires work and some luck. But what if that dream production turned out to be a nightmare? In ‘The Play that Goes Wrong’, Murphy’s Law plays a central role – everything that can go wrong does.

UAE troupe H72 Productions’ iteration of this hilarious play-within-a-play has been directed by Satyen Chandiramani. It plays out today at The Junction in Al Serkal Avenue.

In the production, even as the Junction Drama Society gets ready to put on a whodunit, things keep going wrong. It’s mayhem – and hilarity - at every turn much to the dismay of the cast, crew and director as they try their best to somehow make it to the curtain call.

Chandiramani says: “I think this kind of comedy is a different level of madness that I want to bring alive and give the audience something that they haven’t seen before in Dubai. And being a part of the cast at the same time allows me to be right in the centre of where all the action is!”

Carine Bouery, who plays Florence Colleymoore, says: “This play has forced me as an actor to get out of my own character and perform holistically not only with my fellow actors on stage but with all the props and stage elements that will be living and moving parts of the act. The miracle of this wrong play going right will manifest only through impeccable timing from all the actors and backstage crew, of which I call true collaboration on all levels!”

Ricky Singh, who portrays Cecil Haversham, says, ‘’The experience been very interesting because I've never been part of a play where I'm an actor playing another character, so that has been a very interesting puzzle to solve. It’s been an incredible experience because the cast is so talented, experienced while being so warm and loving. There has been so much of learning with every rehearsal and a lot of fun obviously, an absolute joy to work on and yes very excited for this to go up!”

James Mitchinson who plays Inspector Carter, marvels - “How can something wrong be so right?! I have loved working with the talented and hilarious crew from H72 Productions and have been made to feel very welcome. I’ve never worked with so many wrong’uns before!”

Sumaya Qubeisi plays Ms. Perkins. She says: “Working on this production has really been a lot of fun and worth it just for the experience of the rehearsals all the laughs we've had. Meeting all the wonderful cast and production crew members has been a joy and I'm sure it's going to be a fabulous play and worth seeing so do check it out”

'The Play That Goes Wrong' has two shows today – at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at Dh100.