Dil Tera Hogaya
Dil Tera Hogaya Image Credit: Supplied

Eid Al Adha this year is going to be without any films in theatres. But while there will be no movies to go to, television will keep up with its traditions to put out dramas and telly films to keep the audiences entertained.

The one project that has already begun to create buzz is ‘Suno Chanda’-famed director Aehsun Talish’s ‘Dil Tera Hogaya’.

It’s a telly film and stars a feisty Zara Noor Abbas opposite Feroze Khan. Judging from the promos, it’s a fun caper which has been fashioned in the ‘Suno Chanda’ mould, especially if you consider that it’s about two upper-middle-class families — composed of a bunch of funny characters which seem like carryovers from ‘Suno Chanda’ — living under one roof.

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Perhaps, the similarities — intentional or otherwise — have also to do with the fact that ‘Dil Tera Hogaya’ has director Talish coming back together with his ‘Suno Chanda’ writer, Saima Akram Chaudhry. It will be interesting to see if the two can repeat the magic of what remains their most popular soap serial till date.

‘Dil Tera Hogaya’ is a 7th Sky Entertainment production and will be aired on Geo TV.