Tori Kelly
Tori Kelly Image Credit: Instagram/torikelly

American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly opened up about her health following her hospitalisation after collapsing in July, People reported.

“It’s been a crazy few months, a crazy year,” Kelly said in an interview. “I actually ended up collapsing one night and they found out that I had blood clots. It was really crazy and scary,” the star explained. “My family was definitely there for me. I had peace throughout most of it, but I was just kinda confused and wondering what was going on.”

She added, “I thankfully had some amazing doctors who were able to just take care of everything and get me healthy.”

Reassuring fans that she is now on the road to recovery she said, “It seems like it’s a manageable thing now, I feel amazing. They’re still monitoring me, but yeah I feel great. I’m back to singing and back to doing my thing. I feel really good, I’m really grateful.”

Kelly was then asked if she went directly back to work after leaving the hospital, to which Kelly replied that she had “music scheduled to come out that same week.”

“It was already scheduled and I kinda had the option like, ‘OK, do I want to push it back even more?,’” Kelly said.

“And I decided I’m still gonna put out this music even though I can’t promote it the way I that I usually would.”

On July 28, the singer released her EP Tori, which she described as happy and fun.

“Right when I was feeling better I got to go out on tour and actually do these songs live and have fun with the fans,” Kelly said to Hudson. “Everything happens for a reason, but I’m glad I was able to still put out the music.”