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From tropical, dance to bubblegum pop, these are this year’s top K-Pop songs to keep you going this season and beating the summer heat.

1. Red Velvet – Zimzalabim

Red Velvet - Clockwise from left – Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, Yeri and Joy-1563630778127

Red Velvet heated up the summer with new song ‘Zimzalabim’. With a colourful, carnival-like music video, K-Pop’s Summer Queens cast a spell on listeners with this upbeat track and its playful chorus line-inspired choreography that is bound to stick in your head. It’s what you need to hear and dance to this summer.

2. Ateez – Wave


Rising K-Pop boy group Ateez kicked off the season with third EP ‘Treasure Ep 3: One To All’, which includes a tropical dance number ‘Wave’. It’s a summer anthem as it urges listeners to put all their worries away and focus on enjoying life, a reminder from member Mingi who starts each chorus with a ‘Hakuna Matata Ya’. The summer bop will no doubt make you want to hit the beach.

3. WJSN – Boogie Up


Boogie up this summer with this fun, energetic track by WJSN or Cosmic Girls. It has tons of electro pop, disco, synth and EDM sounds and it’s all about having fun, making it refreshing and easy on the ears. Enjoy the hot weather by hitting the beach, throwing a party or taking a road trip with friends with this feel-good song on blast.

4. The Boyz – Bloom Bloom

The Boyz-1563630780734

Partake in the summertime fun with the 12-member boy group’s newest infectious dance number. The electro house track conveys the boys’ emotions of falling in love for the first time and comparing it to a blooming flower. ‘Bloom Bloom’ will have you yearning for summer love. Its addictive chorus “bloom bloom pow” will have you playing the song on repeat throughout the holiday season.

5. fromis_9 – Fun!


K-Pop girl group fromis_9 wants you to have fun this season. Off their album ‘Fun Factory’, the band’s new seasonal track showcases each member’s vocals and the choreography is lively and easy to follow. ‘Fun!’ is definitely a K-Pop summer jam. Embrace your youthful spirit and have the time of your life this summer.

6. GFriend – Fever


GFriend claimed the summer with their single off their newest release, ‘Fever Season’. Adding to the group’s signature sonic style and the track’s beat drops and moombahton rhythms, ‘Fever’ has a tropical feel and lyrics that fits nicely with the warmer temperature. It’s a perfect addition to make your summer playlist complete.