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Dubai-based Palestinian singer Fadl, known professionally by his mononym, is bringing an introversion to his hip hop.

The 28-year-old is one of four children, and the only one in his family to use music as a form of storytelling. He launched his album Stars Aligned at Dubai Design District in April; on it, he explores ‘more of a spaced out, isolated’ theme. He tells Gulf News tabloid! how he got the inspiration, and what’s next for him.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your music?

In terms of style, I like to be very versatile, do any genre, do any style on the beat [depending on] the way I see it musically. The last project, Stars Aligned, was probably my defining moment of where I really have developed a new sound.

Tell us a little bit about the album.

I tried to give the listener more of an emotional side and have them experience what I’m talking about through the story of my music. I’m going through a learning experience, so my story will just keep developing.

What got you interested in hip hop above other genres?

I respect the history and the stories of where it came from. I think it gives empowerment. The fact that any genre can be incorporated [within] hip hop makes it so interesting and versatile. What is defined as hip hop now has a totally different definition and style [from] 10-20 years ago. It’s a forever developing sound based on the society and how they perceive it.

Can you remember your earliest memory that has to do with music?

Probably not — I was always fascinated with music that resonates with my ears. I remember my mom singing to me as I fell asleep when I was very, very young; still remember some of these songs today [laughs].

If you could collaborate with any rapper, who would it be?

Right now, probably Drake or The Weeknd.

You’re from Palestine and based in Dubai. How does that play into your identity as an artist?

I respect political music and see how it’s a form of art in its entirety, and it too has developed. It went from being something underground to more commercial, such as songs like I’m Not Racist [by Joyner Lucas] and This is America [by Childish Gambino]. I have a Master’s degree in politics. It’s a very interesting subject. Politics has been around ever since man existed, and was invented to keep law and order amongst ourselves. We just lose sight and keep forgetting we are a collective. I respect appreciate and love all forms of cultures, backgrounds and religions, but never let me lose sight of the other important factor that we are all in this world together with the main aim of survival in such a vast universe that we keep learning about more and more by the day. We’re talking about colonising Mars! Which is a great thing for us as a race.

What kind of person are you outside of your career?

I think I’m a quiet, shy introvert, and use music to express myself. I’m more comfortable around people I know.