Melodic singer-songwriter Hadi i Image Credit: Supplied

Melodic singer-songwriter Hadi is ready to dole out generous doses of healing on his latest single, Medicine, out on July 27. The Dubai-based artist, who was born to Lebanese parents in Kuwait, builds upon his serene pop stylings on his new track, an ode to the restorative power of companionship. Ahead of the song’s release, the 31-year-old tells Gulf News tabloid! where he got his inspiration.

How did the idea for Medicine come to you?

I was driving back from [a] show, which is usually a great time for songs to come knocking because you’re feeding off… connecting with people, feeling their vibes, and connecting with your craft, as well. I just started hearing the words, ‘All the hurt living beneath. Let it show. Let it be seen.’ I’ve got a notebook that I carry around with me for moments just like this.

You finished the song in 30 minutes. Is that common for you?

I’ve had a few instances of songs just passing right through me. I love it. It’s not always the case. Some songs need a bit of time in the oven and with those you just need to trust that they’ll come when they’re ready to.

You write, record, produce, mix and master your own music. What made you decide to take on all aspects of music-making?

I am a control freak by design. It’s the best and worst thing to have. But I’m getting really good at letting go of some things that I know I’m not very good at. When it comes to music, I just have a love for learning and geeking out [over] what makes songs good, how to transmit feelings into sound waves [and] how to give those sound waves clarity.

For those who aren’t familiar with your sound, how would you describe it?

I guess it’s a lush combination of soft melodies, ambient sounds, heartfelt/reflective lyrics, and connected/harmonious sonic ornaments.

Tell us a little bit about your journey. What were you like as a kid?

I was a really, really shy kid. Pretty much scared of any social interaction. Wanted to be unseen and just hang out in the background. Music sort of forced me out of my shell, because performing shows to thousands of people from your bedroom never became a thing. Now, it’s become my favourite thing to be out there performing for people.

When and why did you make your way to Dubai?

I moved to Dubai in 2012 because I wanted to be in a place that allowed me to grow musically. I never really thought of doing music full time prior to moving here, but when I settled in, I quickly realised that it is possible, and that if I put in 9 to 5 type hours into my craft, it’s going to work.

What are you working on next? Can people expect an album from you anytime soon?

I’ve got a few songs in the pipeline for the coming few months. Regarding an album, it’s on my mind more so than before now. I’m guessing sometime in [the third quarter] of 2019? This is off the top of my head, and I’m super impulsive so plans might change minutes after typing this.

Finally, who would you say you make music for?

My wish is for my music to connect with everyone out there. There are themes of love, romance, dealing with anxiety, staying true to yourself, and personal experiences. My song Invincible is a love song, Sun Will Rise is about believing and keeping on, and Medicine is about allowing hurt and pain that’s lurking to come out so it can be healed, to make space for better and more positive things.