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Shinee released two EPs from their sixth full-length album last month, but their last EP, The Story of Light EP. 3, unveiled last Monday, is what fans have been waiting for.

The final instalment of the group’s 10th anniversary The Story of Light album trilogy features five songs along with an emotional, medium tempo RnB lead single Our Page, dedicated to late member Kim Jonghyun, who passed away last December.

Our Page is composed by SM Entertainment songwriter Kenzie and the four remaining members — Key, Onew, Minho and Taemin — in memory of Jonghyun and contains references to when they were a five-membered group with a message: “This unfinished novel, we’ll fill it until the last page”.

The title of the main track is The Words You Left Behind in Korean, which reflects Shinee’s message of “We will be together until the end”, according to their music label.

The group made their final EP extra special by gifting fans with a special track Lock You Down that showcases Jonghyun’s powerful, sweet vocals.

Jonghyun committed suicide in a Seoul hotel apartment in December last year, shocking K-Pop fans around the world. The 27-year-old left a note, and spoke about a ‘devouring depression’ he was struggling with.

Even after 10 years, Shinee’s distinct music continues to soar globally on the charts. The Story of Light Ep. 3 notched the top spot on the iTunes Albums chart in 29 countries that includes UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The past two EPs have also topped the iTunes charts in the Middle East.

Arab Shawols never seem to get enough of Shinee.