Shania Twain
Shania Twain will perform at Etihad Park on 25 November at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023. Image Credit: Supplied

Los Angeles: Singer Shania Twain's tour crew members were involved in a serious bus accident.

A number of people, who work for the singer’s 'Queen Of Me' tour, reportedly were injured and hospitalised after the tour bus crashed in a multi-vehicle collision due to "inclement weather" in Canada.

A spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed to Entertainment Tonight that police officers got a call around 7am on Wednesday, November 8 "about a bus that rolled over on the highway."

According to the spokesperson, 13 people had "non-life-threatening injuries" and were rushed to nearby hospitals, reports

In the wake of the accident, the 58-year-old Grammy winner's management company Maverick Management issued a statement to a number of media outlets. "One crew bus and one truck from the Shania Twain - Queen Of Me tour were involved in a highway accident driving between Winnipeg and Saskatoon," the company stated.

"Multiple vehicles encountered dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather," the company continued. "Members of the production crew who require medical attention have been taken to nearby hospitals."

The company further assured that Shania "was not on the bus" during the crash. The company added: "We are incredibly thankful to the emergency services teams for their quick response and ongoing support. We ask for patience as we look after our touring family."

She began the 'Queen Of Me' tour back in April. On November 7, she stopped by Winnipeg, Canada to deliver a number of her hits in front of her devotees. She is set to perform again on November 9. However, it remains unknown if the crash will impact the upcoming gig.