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Just when you thought your kids could not love Disney’s Frozen anymore than they already do. Just when you thought they had watched the animation in every way possible — in cinema 2D, 3D and 4D, at a Frozen sleepover, on the iPad in the car, or during a Frozen-themed birthday party — there comes a new way to watch the film, one that is better than seeing it in a cinema hall: On a huge screen with live music. The show is on at Abu Dhabi’s du Forum on Yas Island.

Disney in Concert: Frozen debuted in Abu Dhabi on Friday to a sold-out crowd of diehard Disney fans.

The excitement started before the show did, as massive cut-outs of Frozen’s characters dotted the route to the hall, and kids ran around confused over which one to take pictures with first.

Parents and children, a majority of whom were dressed as their favourite Frozen characters, gathered in the hall and waited in anticipation for the performance. They were not disappointed. Thirty musicians, 26 strings, 16 choir and four vocal soloists played the entire soundtrack of the animated film live as Frozen played on a giant screen behind them.

The soloists performed magnificent versions of the main characters: Eilsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff and Olaf. The rehearsal and preparation put into their performance was evident as they were completely in-sync with the characters on the screen.

Anna and Eilsa, played by Sian Turner and Julia Teal Kermott respectively, dressed in glamorous gowns and put on dynamic acts that earned them loud cheers and applause.

When the moment that everyone had been waiting for arrived, the Oscar-winning song Let It Go, children started singing along.

As if the audience was not hyped up enough by the end of the show, a surprise snowfall (fake, of course) from the ceiling — it accompanied another performance of Let It Go — got loud cheers from everyone.

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Disney in Concert: Frozen runs until February 20 at the du Forum, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Tickets start at Dh150 and are available on, and all Virgin Megastore across the UAE.