Philippine Arena in Bulacan, north of Manila
A scene at the 50,000-seat capacity indoor Philippine Arena in Bulacan, north of Manila Image Credit: Twitter | @lalovekkuk

Manila: An environment-themed “mega” K-pop concert is set to storm the 50,000-seating capacity Philippine Arena later this 2022 to raise awareness about ways to combat climate change, according to promoters.

South Korea's SSN Network chairman Son Sang Hwan, in an interview with local media, said that the mega K-Pop event aims to convey the need to work together to save the environment and create an eco-friendly way of life.

The domed Philippine Arena in Bulacan province, near Manilla, is one of the world’s largest indoor arenas. SSN Network is understood to be working with streaming platform AQ Prime and a South Korean TV channel to push the K-pop-green drive in the Asian country.

“It is a concert held in partnership with AQ Prime. It will be held at the Philippine Arena and will invite top Korean idol singers to promote the importance of the environment to the younger generation in the Philippines,” Son. “MBC broadcasting station in Korea will also broadcast it,” he added.

It was not immediately clear what K-Pop groups will join the grand concert. Son neither confirmed nor denied that Korean all-girl group Blackpink will headline the concert.

Son is also the chairman of Peace and Conflict Resolution (PCR) Foundation, an NGO founded in 2006 that focuses on peace education, trauma healing, counselling and humanitarian assistance. The foundation is also involved in ways to address the climate crisis caused by global warming and accelerate the time of carbon neutrality.

Carbon neutrality

“We are carrying out various projects to practice carbon neutrality, and one of them is the water turbine generator. In addition to water turbine generators, we are conducting projects to reduce greenhouse gases through activities such as marine waste collection and treatment, blue carbon, livestock manure treatment, and waste plastic recycling, and issue carbon emission rights as compensation,” Son said.

“Carbon credits are building the world's first platform to enable individual transactions, and once they are completed, anyone can participate, which can achieve carbon neutrality more quickly,” he added.

PCER has future campaigns planned in the Philippines, too, he said.

“We plan to further expand our environment and cultural exchange business in cooperation with AQ Prime. First of all, we will start the business of collecting and recycling discarded waste from the Philippines. After that, we will gradually expand to areas necessary for improving the Philippine environment,” Son said.