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Police in the US have issued an active arrest warrant for rocker Marilyn Manson, real name Brian Hugh Warner, in relation to an alleged assault on a videographer.

Manson, 52, is facing “two counts of Class A misdemeanor Simple Assault stemming from a 2019 incident at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion.”

The Gilford Police Department clarified in their post on Facebook that the alleged assault that took place at a concert was not sexual in nature. “The alleged assaults involved a videographer. Mr Warner, his agent and legal counsel have been aware of the warrant for some time and no effort has been made by him to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges,” the police added.

FILE - In this Aug. 2, 2015 file photo, Marilyn Manson performs in concert during the "End Times Tour 2015" at the Susquehanna Bank Center, in Camden, N.J. Manson's representative said Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, that the singer was injured in a mishap on stage during a New York City performance and taken to a hospital. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP, File) Image Credit: Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

According to reports, Manson had spit on the videographer who had been hired to shoot the concert he was at.

“[Manson] was spitting everywhere and one time it got on her camera so she wiped it off and looked semi-irritated. He noticed this and kept purposely spitting on her camera,” one witness was quoted as saying by People. “I think her final straw is he got on the floor, got within two to three feet of her and hacked a giant snot rocket at her, not the camera. She was [angry] and disgusted so she stormed off and he just laughed.”

In a statement to People, Manson’s lawyer Howard King slammed the allegations and said that prior to the charges being filed, the videographer demanded “more than $35,000 after a small amount of spit came into contact with their arm. After we asked for evidence of any alleged damages, we never received a reply.”

“This whole claim is ludicrous, but we remain committed to cooperating with authorities, as we have done throughout,” King added.

According to the police’s Facebook post, “a Class A misdemeanor in NH can carry a possible jail sentence of less than one year and a fine of $2,000.00 or less.”

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In the past few months, Manson has been accused by a number of women of sexual abuse and torture. Most recently, his former personal assistant Ashley Walters has sued the musician for sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other transgressions.

Earlier this year, Manson’s ex-fiance Evan Rachel Wood made the explosive announcement that Manson was the person she had referenced when talking about abuse she faced at the hands of an unnamed former partner.

“The name of my abuser is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson,” Wood wrote on Instagram. “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years.”

“I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission. I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail,” she added. “I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, before he ruins any more lives. I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent.”