Singer Lizzo. Image Credit: AP

American singer Lizzo has come out on top in the court of law, as a judge in California dismissed a countersuit against her that had been seeking royalties from her popular song ‘Truth Hurts’.

In October of 2019, Lizzo sued Justin Raisen, Jeremiah Raisen, and Yves Rothman, wanting to prove once and for all that the trio “did not co-author ‘Truth Hurts,’ and have no right to co-own that work or to share in its profits.”

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But, the trio hit back in February and said that ‘Truth Hurts’ was pulled from another song they had worked together with Lizzo, called ‘Healthy’.

The legal drama over ‘Truth Hurts’ first began online last year, when producer Justin Raisen claimed he came up with the famous lyric “I’m 100 per cent that [expletive]”. He also claimed Lizzo had used “melody, lyrics and chords” from ‘Healthy’ in ‘Truth Hurts’.

The battle doesn’t end here, however. The Raisens and Rothman are free to file a new suit presenting different facts. According to Pitchfork, Justin Raisen’s attorney Larry Iser has confirmed his client’s desire to continue this pursuit.