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BlackPink and Lady Gaga continue to break new grounds and prove their local and global dominance with a new collaborative track.

Last Thursday, the Grammy-award winning singer treated fans to a sweet surprise by dropping the highly-anticipated track ‘Sour Candy’ on the eve of her new album’s international release.

BlackPink’s four members spread their vocal wings in the dance floor bop, alternating between sassy Korean and English lyrics as they warn their partners to accept their imperfections and flaws just like sour candy — as they are sweet and authentic on the inside.

“I called BlackPink and asked them if they would like to work with me, and they happily said yes then showed passion. I wanted to support powerful women such as BlackPink, and they felt the same,” she told Japanese outlet tvgroove, on May 27, YG Entertainment revealed on its website.

Gaga reportedly praised the talented girls, proclaiming to “become the 5th member of BlackPink [on this track]”.

Following its release, the track received explosive attention on Twitter and on the music charts. In addition to gaining attention in China, YG Entertainment revealed that the pre-release track dominated the iTunes songs chart in 57 countries, of which includes the UAE, in less than a day of its release.

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BlackPink Image Credit: Supplied

Though no official music video has been released, it was still a popular choice among local fans as the video of the song became the top trending video on YouTube the following day.

Gaga’s album ‘Chromatica’ also features collaborations with Ariana Grande and Elton John, yet it’s her first time recruiting the K-Pop sensation.

However, it’s the second time BlackPink has worked with a Western artist, the first being with Dua Lipa on track ‘Kiss and Make Up’ in 2018. It’s also their first musical return following the quartet’s impending comeback and lengthy musical break since 2019’s EP ‘Kill This Love’.

After months of delays, YG Entertainment announced the female act have completed recording 10 tracks for their first full-length album and will drop a pre-release single in June and one in either July or August in the lead up to the album’s official release in September.

BlackPink is the first girl group in seven years to emerge out of YG Entertainment, home to K-Pop legends such as 2NE1 and Big Bang. Debuted in August 2016, the act has released hits like ‘Whistle’, ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘Boombayah’.