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The Rose has legally requested to end their exclusive contracts with their agency J&Star Company.

On Friday, the four members — Woosung, Hajoon, Jaehyung and Dojoon — of the pop-rock group issued their contract termination through a law firm, citing breach of trust, contract violation, overworking and payments failure as reasons to the nullification request.

The members reportedly claimed they haven’t received monthly revenue reports showing their proper revenue calculation and haven’t been paid since signing with the company three years ago.

Adding to this, The Rose also allegedly stated that they had unexplainable amounts and items in their respective bank accounts and claimed their label one-sidedly decided to launch a 17-city US 2020 tour within a span of 32 days without the members’ consultation. They were also reportedly enforced with unreasonable tight schedules.

For these alleged reasons, the members have refused to participate in scheduled broadcasts and performances arranged by the company.

To confirm the validity of the reports, the members went to post screenshots of the original reported article concerning their contract termination request on each of their personal Instagram accounts without any captions.

Despite all this, the company refuted the band’s detailed claims, stating that the band members were in fact informed of their promotional schedules and preparation schedules beforehand, and their payment information was also provided and delivered to the quartet from the signing of their exclusive contract.

Therefore, J&Star Company expressed their intention of taking legal actions and stated their consideration of requesting compensation for defamation of character, criminal liability and more.

Siding with the quartet, their fans have taken to Twitter with #WeStandWithTheRose to support the group’s decision.

The Rose started out in the indie busking scene before their formal debut in August 2017. Aside from releasing their own music, they participated in OSTs for Korean dramas and went on to hold concerts across several countries.