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Wonho will now officially continue his K-Pop career under Starship Entertainment’s subsidiary label.

On April 10, it was confirmed that former Monsta X member signed an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment — home to artists like DJ Soda, Dress, and PLUMA — and will debut as a soloist and producer.

Right after the announcement, Wonho — whose real name is Shin Ho-seok — launched social media accounts to connect and communicate with fans, who have been tirelessly and unwaveringly supporting the artist following his departure from Starship Entertainment in October 2019 amid allegations made against him.

Better known as Monbebes, the fans have demanded his reinstatement — whether online or on the streets — and they no doubt played a role in changing the direction of his career, which is something that Wonho noted in a released statement.

Last month, the label relayed in a statement that the singer-songwriter-producer was cleared of all drug charges by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation team, promising to “continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future”.

The 27-year-old has since personally opened up about the accusations.

Though scandals can easily tarnish a K-Pop idol’s career, Wonho signing with his label’s subsidiary marks a major and unseen move in the highly competitive industry.

Since his departure from the group, Monsta X has moved forward as a six-member group, releasing all-English album, ‘All About Luv’ in February.