SEVENTEEN_PHOTO - Clockwise from left - Woozi, Wonwoo, DK, Seungkwan, The 8, Jun, Joshua, Mingyu, Dino, Vernon, S.coups Hoshi, and Jeonghan.-1572096613545
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Members of Seventeen shared images of their stay in Dubai on Twitter last week.

Following their spectacular performance on October 17, members posted pictures of their adventures at various locations such as Ski Dubai, Souk Madinat Jumeirah and The Dubai Mall.

Jun posted images of his time at Jumeirah Public Beach with Burj Al Arab beautifully set against the backdrop and another with a penguin at Ski Dubai in Mall of The Emirates.

Hoshi, who seemed to be one of the most active members online, similarly shared images with who seems to be member Jeonghan, enjoying the sunny day and the beach water.

The multifaceted member amused his Carat fan base with his full-on touristic experience, especially when posting selfies of which featured him wearing the kandura and ghutra at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

He later shared images with bandmates Jeonghan and Jun at the same location as well as eating food at The Dubai Mall and skiing at Ski Dubai.

On the day of their performance at the World Trade Centre, Dino also gifted fans with selfies alongside his bandmates backstage.

Last Wednesday, another active member, The 8, dropped his own pictures that showed Dubai’s skyline from a moving car and his time at the desert.

As if their performances weren’t memorable enough, the K-Pop acts seemed to have left their mark in the emirate by drawing their logo on the desert sand, seen on the left side of The 8’s picture.

On October 17, the honorary ambassadors of Korea Brand & Content Expo 2019 Dubai dazzled fans in Dubai with highly-energetic and synchronised performances. They were joined on stage by singer Punch, K-Pop group SF9, actress Ha Ji-won, and more.