Verivery. From left to right: Yongseung, Yeonho, Hoyoung, Dongheon, Minchan, Kangmin, and Gyehyeon. Image Credit:

South Korean label Jellyfish Entertainment, which manages VIXX and Gugudan, will welcome a new boy group Verivery to the K-Pop scene on January 9.

The seven-member act comprises of Yeonho (main vocalist), Hoyoung (dancer and rapper), Minchan (vocalist), Kangmin (vocalist and dancer), Yongseung (dancer), Dongheon (dancer and rapper) and Gyehyeon (vocalist). They are the first boy group to emerge from the music label since VIXX debuted in 2012, and is the third act following all-female band Gugudan.

Ahead of their upcoming debut, Verivery has starred in their own reality show titled ‘Now Verivery - Real Road Movie’ and released its soundtrack ‘Super Special’.

The group’s name consists of ‘Veri’, which loosely translates to ‘truth’ in Latin, and ‘very’ in English. The combination of the two names can represent how they are ‘really real’ or mean ‘truthfully real’.

Verivery is expected to be known as an all-rounded idol group and best described as the next generation ‘creative-dol (creative idol)’, for having skills in composing, writing, performing, and producing as well as video production.

The seven members reportedly have been involved in the songwriting and composition for their debut album and worked on the choreography and video editing.