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NCT Dream and British artist HRVY will release an exciting new collaboration through ‘SM Station’ Season 3.

As part of SM Entertainment’s digital music channel, the synth pop genre song, DNYL or ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ and its music video is scheduled to drop on June 6.

The group first teased the upcoming collaboration with a teaser video titled ‘DNYL: Recruiting Now’ that features HRVY recruiting students to the club and broken-hearted members of the young NCT sub-unit.

The rising British pop singer visited the K-Pop band at the SM Entertainment building while he was in Seoul for a concert back in February.

SM Station first began in early 2016 and has seen weekly releases with the agency’s artists and collaborations with other international musicians throughout the project. It also steers away from the typical, signature K-Pop sounds from SM-signed acts and ventures into a variety of musical styles.