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N. Flying will be included in next month’s star-studded comeback line-up as the quartet is slated to drop some new music next month.

Though no details on the album have been shared, FNC Entertainment confirmed that the title track is written, composed and produced by leader Seunghyub.

The South Korean rap rock group’s new release will mark around six months since April’s EP ‘Spring Memories’ and comes just as they wrapped their first world tour ‘2019 N.Flying Live - Up All Night’.

N. Flying debuted in Korea with EP ‘Awesome’ in 2015. The group was initially a five-member group but was regrouped due to multiple allegations against former member Kwangjin.

Following the bassist’s departure end of last year, Lee Seung-hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae-hyun and Yoo Hwe-seung had a late-career revival with breakout song ‘Rooftop’ in January.