ITZY. From left to right: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna. Image Credit:

Rookie girl group ITZY has already made K-Pop history just nine days after their debut. On February 21, the girls received their first music show trophy for debut track, ‘Dalla Dalla’, on South Korean television program, M Countdown.

Up against Hwasa with her solo title track ‘Twit’, the quintet beat the Mamamoo singer with 645 points extra.

This record-breaking achievement made them the fastest girl group to win on the Korean TV show, beating ‘Produce 48’ project girl group IZ*ONE’s impressive feat by just one day.

JYP Entertainment’s founder Park Jin Young shared a video of the girls on his Instagram with a caption congratulating the members and relaying his worries.

“Congrats, girls! But I have to admit that I’m also worried about the speed of your success. The true quality of a star is ‘how long you can maintain your rookie attitude’. So, I hope you don’t lose focus and become an everlasting shining star,” he wrote.

Apart from coming from a long line of popular girl groups from a K-Pop behemoth music label, the new girl group broke another record with their ‘Dalla Dalla’ music video, which broke the 24-hour views record previously held by IZ*ONE’s debut music video ‘La Vie En Rose’.

The record for the fastest group to win on a Korean music show is held by popular boy group Winner. They grabbed their first music show win in just six days into their debut.

From their first single ‘IT’z Different’, ‘Dalla Dalla’ also made an impressive debut in Korea’s real-time charts, Billboards chart and the international iTunes charts. It gained some attention in the UAE as it was seen climbing to the second spot, just right after Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet track, ‘Shallow’.