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YG Entertainment has confirmed brother-sister duo Akdong Musician (AKMU) is going to release a third full-length this month.

On its official blog, the company uploaded a dark blue teaser photo and a teaser clip of lead track ‘Sailing’.

The 36-second video clip features a calm, dark ocean with vocalist Lee Su Hyun’s evocative vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The Korean label shared that the new music will have more mature sound.

The is the duo’s first music release since Lee Chan Hyuk was discharged from the country’s compulsory two-year military service in May, marking approximately two years and two months since 2017 EP ‘Summer Episode’.

During her brother’s enlistment, she took the role as a DJ for radio show ‘AKMU Suhyun’s Volume Up’ and appeared on Netflix’s series ‘Temporary Idol’. The vocalist launched her own beauty and make-up channel ‘Mochi Peach’, which earned her YouTube’s ‘Gold Play Button’ for amassing more than a million subscribers.

AKMU rose to popularity after winning first place on SBS audition program ‘K-Pop Star Season 2’ back in 2012. The group joined Korean label YG Entertainment and released popular songs including ‘200%’, ‘Give Love’, ‘Last Goodbye’, and ‘Dinosaur’. The Lee siblings are known for their unique, quirky musical styling, pure lyrics and catchy melodies and compose and produce majority of their songs.