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ACE’s agency plans to take legal action for malicious comments and rumours targeted towards its band and their recent vehicle attack of what is described as a ‘super glue terror incident’.

Last Wednesday, Beat Interactive publicly announced in a statement their intention of moving forward with a legal proceeding and detailed the terrifying incident that was believed to have occurred on February 18 near the K-Pop group’s practice room.

The five-member boy band’s vehicle was revealed to have been tampered with by the application of glue to specific parts to cause harm to the members and damage property with the intent of knowing ACE’s route and transportation time frame in advance, the Korean label shared.

ACE - Chan, Wow, Donghun, Kim Byeongkwan, and Jun.-1582380822139

Beat Interactive went on to share that the incident is under police investigation and the person in question will be strictly punished without leniency.

The members Wow, Donghun, Kim Byeongkwan, Jun and Chan are feeling mental uneasiness and are experiencing fear that the similar or identical situation will occur in the near future.

The label’s CEO Kim Hye Im concluded in the statement that ACE’s mental health has been significantly affected after recently discovering explicit personal attacks, false rumours, and malicious defamatory statements online and on social media.

Due to the members’ weakened mental and physical conditions, their scheduled activities will be adjusted and they will receive psychiatric counselling as per their request.

Last week, the K-Pop group performed at the four-time Academy Award-winning Korean movie Parasite’s Oscar 2020 after-party in Los Angeles, where they sang their own songs and renditions of K-Pop songs from acts like BTS and HOT.

ACE — an acronym for Adventure Calling Emotions — were formally introduced in 2017 with track ‘Cactus’ and have released a total of three EPs: ‘ACE Adventures in Wonderland’, ‘Under Cover’, and ‘Under Cover: The Mad Squad’.