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A.C.E members Chan, Jun, Kim Byeongkwan, Wow and Donghun. Image Credit: Supplied

On May 17, A.C.E made a bold comeback with second mini-album ‘Under Cover’ as a full group.

The rookie boy group’s new music covers a range of genres and also includes the quintet’s distinct rebellious, hip-hop side, especially with comeback title track ‘Under Cover’, which was composed by Onestar, MAD FRESH and BIGTONE.

In addition to ‘Under Cover’, the mini-album contains other tracks such as original debut song, ‘Do It Like Me’, ‘Mr. Bass’ and ‘If You Heard’ as well as a CD only version of ‘5tar’.

A.C.E, an acronym for Adventure Calling Emotions, left quite an impression on local listeners or Choice fan base. The new mini-album debuted in sixth place on the UAE iTunes albums chart but rose to number 4 the following day.

This is A.C.E’s first mini-album as a full group as member Chan took break from the group due to promotions with UNB, a boy group created by KBS survival program ‘The Unit’. Chan joined his original bandmates after the nine-member group ended their activities in January.

Signed under Beat Interactive, the group was formally introduced as a five-member group when they performed their first single ‘Cactus’ in May 2017. Donghun, Jun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan and Chan have gained a following for their busking activities and dance covers several months before their debut in Korea. They also covered several hit K-Pop songs on their official YouTube channel. If it’s a new group to stan, it surely is A.C.E.