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A new indie Arabic music event called ‘Why Not! Mazzika is coming to Coca-Cola Arena on November 22.

The concert will feature a line-up of contemporary Egyptian acts such as Sharmoofers, Cairokee, Massar Egbari, Mahmoud El Esseily, H.O.H. and Disco Masr.

“WHY NOT! MAZZIKA is a thrilling new concept that not only capitalises on artists’ massive digital following, but also aims to bring the underground to the foreground,” said Aleksandra Gorokhova, Marketing Manager, Mission Control X. “This series of festivals and concerts is about witnessing bold steps the featured performers have taken to attain their goals and how we too can reflect and navigate through our own maze of adventures to take a chance.”

The one-day event will be part of a wider series of events titled ‘WHY NOT! YOLO (You Only Live Once)’.

Early bird tickets are available online starting from Dh195.