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Punjabi pop royalty Guru Randhawa is acutely aware that 2021 was a sobering year due to the gloom brought on by the global pandemic, but it’s his army of fans and family that helped him stay afloat.

So it’s only natural that the ‘Dance Meri Rani’ hitmaker has chosen to spend this New Year’s Eve with his fans at Ras Al Khaimah, paying it forward through a grand concert.

“I am going to kick off the concert with my new song ‘Dance Meri Rani’ and that’s a promise. I love the way this song was composed, written, and it has an amazing video too,” said Randhawa in an interview with Gulf News.

In his latest fantastical single, dancer and actress Nora Fatehi plays a mermaid who transforms into a lithe human with killer dance moves when Randhawa croons to her. In the dazzling ballad, he’s an explorer who chances upon the mythical creature who moves to Afro beats with a vengeance.

“I don’t know much dance moves as Nora … But whenever I see her you see somebody who’s perfect in the way they do their job. I just tried to copy her and do the same for ‘Dance Meri Rani’ … She’s a great artist with great calibre and I learned so much from her,” said Randhawa. The humble singer, who is quick to praise his colleagues and his fans, added that Fatehi is always up for a challenge and that triggered him to challenge himself as an artiste.

This self-made Indian singer, known for his hits such as ‘Lahore’ that clocked more than 700 million views and ‘Made in India’ with 450 million views, is one of Punjab’s biggest cultural exports. His sounds are contemporary and his hit songs invariably become dance anthems in no time. But his meteoric rise and new-found stardom hasn’t made him lackadaisical about his work. He craves acceptance and every song of his is his attempt to win over those who don’t particularly care for his sounds or songs.

“As an artist I always make sure that I sing in a way that appeals to every Indian … even Indian artists who are classically trained and when they hear new artists like us, they may start pinpointing the mistakes we do. I don’t want them to laugh at me. All my songs have been done in such a way that everybody loves it,” said Randhawa.

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As much as he loves singing, he also derives his energy from performing in front of a live audience. Globally, live concerts took a big hit due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But Randhawa is eager to put all that behind him and return to the events circuit through the Ras Al Khaimah gig.

“[The] pandemic has shook all of us up and indeed it feels great to be back on stage. Something that was a big miss and nothing can be more exciting than performing live. The real energy and thrill comes when the audience sings the song along with you,” said Randhawa in a separate e-mail interview.

He plans to blend his new songs and his old hits at his upcoming NYE concert, put together by the Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve Organising Committee, TruckersUAE and Coreme, at Al Marjan Island. The concert will be padded up by a dazzling display of fireworks, food trucks, and family friendly camping.

“My fans can expect a lot of energy and some great music. I want to welcome the New Year with a bang in the company of my fans,” he said.

The grounded singer is also a big believer in New Year resolutions. In 2022, he plans to spend time with his family who has stood by him like a rock. He also wants to make ‘some great music’ for his beloved fans, who are just like family to him.

“My New Year’s resolution is to stay focused and dedicated to my job. I want to sell more music to my darling audience. I have come from a place of dreams and it’s my audience who supported me in my journey. I am talking to you today because of my dearest audience. I want to support my family too because when something bad happens, it’s just your family and fans with you,” said Randhawa.

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Apart from prioritising work and family, the dapper Punjabi heartthrob — who is on the speed-dial of most Bollywood A-listers who love to make reels of his hit songs — also wants to make health his biggest concern.

“We tend to overlook or neglect it, sometimes due to hectic schedule of gigs, shooting, recording and so on. But then I got to work on my health seriously and now I am happy with the transformation that I have been through. When you want to achieve something in your life, just go after it and this time for me is fitness and healthy living,” he added.

Guru Randhawa
Guru Randhawa Image Credit: Supplied


Don’t Miss It!

When: December 31

Where: Al Marjan Island, RAK NYE 2022 Concert Village

Time: 4pm to 3am (including NYE festivities)

Tickets: Dh50 (kids) and Dh100 (adults)

Available at:

Did you know?
The ticket holders to Guru Randhawa concert will also get a chance to witness the spectacular fireworks display in RAK from the venue. According to a statement, Ras Al Khaimah is out to make sure their fireworks display on NYE is a showstopper as they are gearing up for another Guinness World Record with pyro-drones, lights, colours, and shapes. The 12-minute pyrotechnic spectacle, which will cover a 4.7-kilometer area along the waterfront between Al Marjan Island and Al Hamra Village, will aim to break not one but two world records. It will be an opportunity for participants to watch fireworks display from their private beach area.