Lizzo Image Credit: Instagram/lizzobeeating

Grammy winning artiste Lizzo has been accused of hostile working conditions and sexual harassment by former tour dancers who worked with her. The infamous lawsuit reveals some horrible details about the singer, with multiple witnesses including singers, and music producers calling her out as a hypocrite, a narcissist, a filthy mannered bully and someone who has absolutely no shame or decency.

The singer gained a lot of fame for her message on supporting body positivity, as she dressed up in all sorts of glamorous outfits when on stage, all the while being obese herself and as such defying the typical image trend.

But the lawsuit has revealed many dark secrets about the 'Big Grrrl' hitmaker, such as her extremely rude attitude towards her co-workers. She was also called out for her hypocrisy, self entitlement and religious discrimination.

Allegedly, a detail corroborated by dancer Arianna Davis says that Lizzo body shamed her and in a rehearsal session which lasted 12-hours.

Davis also went on to say that she discriminates against people who have disabilities, as Davis herself is a patient of depression causing her to binge eat and gain weight. But Lizzo offered her no support and even proceeded to mock her. Lizzo also apparently went out to disclose private information concerning Davis’s own sexual life, without any consent from her in public interviews.

The whole ordeal had horrified her co-workers, many of whom left and proceeded to file charges against the singer. Currently, she has been sued and facing a variety of charges ranging from abuse of power, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, physical discrimination, inappropriate behaviour and more.