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Girls’ Generation’s leader and vocalist Taeyeon is scheduled to drop her third mini-album titled Something New on June 18.

Her upcoming solo mini-album will contain urban pop, neo soul title song Something New along with five other tracks that includes Baram x 3, All Night Long featuring labelmate and NCT member Lucas, One Day, Circus, as well as an instrumental version of lead single.

Fans are expected to see a different side of the K-pop singer as her new six-track album consist of songs from various genres.

Taeyeon won’t be promoting it on music shows, variety programmes or any other broadcasts in Korea as she will be focusing on her first solo Japanese showcase tour.

Ever since Taeyeon began her solo career in 2015 with EP I, she has gone to achieve a successful career as a solo singer, releasing hits like Rain, Make Me Love You, 11:11. Fine and winning awards from prestigious music award ceremonies.

Taeyeon is considered one of Korea’s most popular female soloists. With her powerful vocal prowess and new experimentation with different genres, Taeyeon’s new music will unquestionably climb the charts.