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Flamenco guitarist and composer Carlos Pinana will perform at Manarat Al Saadiyat on February 21 at a show called Flamenco Arts. Performing under music school Bait Al Oud’s annual programme, the concert will see Pinana share his vision of the flamenco as well as his expertise of different musical styles. He will be joined onstage by students and teachers from Bait Al Oud, who are attending his one-week masterclass being held from February 16 to 20 February at the prestigious music institution.

Pinana was born in 1976 into a musical family with a long flamenco tradition, with his father and grandfather both being famous flamenco players. After first learning flamenco technique from his father, he went on to study classical guitar at the Music Conservatory of Cartagena. He currently combines his performance work with his roles as Professor of Flamenco Guitar at the Music Conservatory of Murcia and as Artistic Director of the Murcia International Guitar Festival.

Pinana’s Flamenco Arts show is free to attend. For details and timings, go to