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Alicia Keys Image Credit: AFP

New Delhi: Musicians Alicia Keys and Khalid have teamed up for a new collaboration 'So Done'. The duo dropped in the official music video on Friday.

The 'Underdog' singer, Keys, unveiled the collaborative music video on Instagram and wrote: "#SoDone with my brother @thegr8khalid is OUT NOW!!! The wait is over. Get lost with us and play this thing on repeat bc it's a zoneeee."

'So Done' takes up on a theme of freedom and independence and loosening up oneself to do what they wish.

In the four-minute and 10-seconds long video, the musicians are seen as stage artists crooning to the song at a party.

American actor Sasha Lane is also featured in the song, as a girl who is completely lost, and someone who cannot get along with her peers who are having fun, partying and taking selfies.

The video takes an upbeat when a group of bikers bust at the party. Lane gets fascinated by them and leaves behind her friends to join the bikers, following her heart.

The song takes up a moody vibe, supported by slow-catchy beats as musicians add their signature flavours.