Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and there’s no better way to set the mood than with some K-Pop songs. Whether you’re riding solo, happily in a relationship, crushing on someone or getting over a break up, here are some K-Pop songs for every relationships, in no particular order:

1. Zico — SoulMate ft. IU

190210 nico
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South Korean rapper-songwriter Zico collaborates with popular songstress IU on finding their soulmate in the jazzy, soulful R’n’B single. Maybe you’ll meet the person you’re meant to be with this Valentine’s Day.

2. Key — Forever Yours ft. Soyou

190210 key note
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With SHINee member Key’s distinct vocals and Soyou’s sweet voice, the pair’s perfect chemistry will have you dancing to the tropical house-inspired R’n’B song while singing about the romantic and exciting emotions that an in-love couple feel towards each other. You’ll be on cloud nine after listening to this song.

3. Jennie — Solo

190210 solo
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Love may be over, but BlackPink’s Jennie is going solo and nothing’s stopping her from being confident and true to herself. This song is a perfect anthem for a recent break-up. Top it off with her fierce choreography and you’re good to go.

4. BTS — Epiphany

190210 epiphany
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BTS’s latest critically-acclaimed, ‘Love Yourself: Answer’, overflows with positive messaging and addresses themes of self-love. The path to happiness in any relationship begins with self-love and that’s what member Jin sees crooning with his uplifting solo song ‘Epiphany’ from the album series.

5. Exo — For Life

190210 exo for life
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There are so many great songs from Exo that make you catch all sorts of feelings but the lyrics for the touching ballad track, ‘For Life’, truly speaks for itself. The members overflow with emotions as they sing about wanting to spend the next lifetime with the same person with a sweet piano melody in the background. One listen and you’ll be hooked.

6. Pristin V — Get it

190210 pristin v
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‘Get it’ from Pristin’s subgroup shows a flirtatious, bold side to the girls. It’s a great song to boost up your confidence and tease your crush with this seductive song.

7. Winner — Millions

190210 winner millions
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The quartet have ‘millions’ of reasons to like you. Serenade your crush or partner with this romantic, feel-good dance track on what you admire about them and it will definitely win them over.