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Laboum’s ‘Winter Story is a Disney-style orchestra track Image Credit: Supplied

Tis the season to be jolly! K-Pop artists release holiday songs and manage to get listeners into the merry mood every year, without the need for a fireplace or falling snow. These are the top Christmas-themed K-Pop songs to prepare you for the festive season.

1. Got7 – Miracle

Got7’s latest winter track ‘Miracle’ is a piano-based sentimental ballad about the miracle of meeting their fans, all of whom have warmed up their life and helped them endure the cold and difficult times.

The bittersweet music video is especially moving as the track showcases their sweet vocals and will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

2. Girls’ Generation TTS – Dear Santa

Girls’ Generation TTS.

‘Dear Santa’ by Girls’ Generation subunit TTS is the perfect song for the holidays. The song from their first holiday album starts off with a soulful ballad but then jumps right into an upbeat carol. The trio recorded the song in English and Korean to spread the Christmas love and festive holiday spirit to all fans. Either way, both versions should be added to your playlist.

3. Exo – First Snow


Exo has gifted fans with winter-themed special albums every year. Their 2013’s track ‘First Snow’ re-entered the charts on the first day of snow in Seoul, showing that it’s the ultimate Christmas song for the festive season and a favourite among many. Their stellar vocals will make you feel incredibly peaceful and will capture your heart that you’ll want to play the song until the holidays have passed.

4. Starship Planet – Christmas Time

Starship Planet
Starship Planet.

Starship Planet labelmates K.Will, Soyu, Mad Clown, Brother Su, Boyfriend, Yoo Seung Woo, JungGiGo, MONSTA X, Cosmic Girls, #GUN, Duetto, Mind U, Jung Se Woon, and Lee Gwang Hyun gather together to perform this merry tune. The epic song will definitely bring in some holiday cheer.

5. Laboum – Winter Story

Laboum’s ‘Winter Story’ will get you into the Christmas mood. The girls donned angelic princess look in the Disney-style orchestra track and ethereal music video. It brings just the right amount of holiday spirit this season.

6. Btob – The Winter’s Tale


There’s no Christmas without a song from Btob. The K-Pop boy group added their sweet, harmonious vocals to ‘The Winter’s Tale’ track, and sing about wishing a past lover happiness while still holding feelings for her. Written by members Hyunsik and Ilhoon, the holiday track is the essential wintry tune.