Kamal Hassan Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes /Gulfnews

Tamil director R.C. Sakthi is touched by his old friend actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan’s gesture to pen the lyrics as well as croon the title track of his upcoming Tamil short film Ainthu Rojakkal, despite his busy schedule.

Sakthi had predicted the rise of Haasan many years ago in the industry and since then they have been good friends.

“He keeps telling me that it’s I who inspired him to take up screenwriting and direction. I’m moved because he is a superstar now and yet he expressed interest to contribute to my film,” he added.

Haasan was supposed to make his debut as a hero in Sakthi-directed Tamil drama Unarchigal, which was started in 1972 but eventually released only in 1976.

The 45-minute film Ainthu Rojakkal features the grandchildren of Sakthi in the lead. The film, which also features actresses Sathya Priya and Shobana, is about how social evils have affected the children of today.

Sakthi has also directed films such as Naam, Dharma Yuddham and Thavam.