Image Credit: Weverse

South Korean pop icon Jin of BTS has inadvertently saved a 21-year-old fan in Brazil from a robbery.

Army (BTS fans) worldwide are surprised by a news report by a Brazilian news media outlet, according to which a fan narrowly escaped a robbery, thanks to the eldest BTS member.

The fan, Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis, was waiting at a bus stop at night to board a bus near São José dos Pinhais in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. However, a thief approached her and tried to grab her cell phone.

He snatched her phone and suddenly turned it around, only to see a photo of a man in a military uniform.

The photo was that of K-pop idol Jin, who is currently serving in the South Korean military.

Assuming the woman had connections to the military, the intimidated robber quickly returned the phone and fled the scene.

In an exclusive interview published today, the BTS fan told RIC TV, a Brazilian television network: “When he managed to grab the cell phone from my hand, he turned the device around and looked at the picture. He must have thought my boyfriend was in the military because he didn’t steal it. The student said that the assailant returned the phone and ran away.”

“Jin has saved the day,” said many Twitter users.

“Not even done with his [military] service but already saving lives,” tweeted @jimschikorita.

Another fan, @syallin_pk07 posted: “This is not the first time that BTS saved people from danger. Remember when a [fan] said someone was following her, and at the time, Jungkook or Jimin was live, so the fan pretended she was having a video chat with her boyfriend.”